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Free Hair Restoration Consultation Los Angeles

“Avoid Hair Transplant places that give a transplant to whoever walks in the door. If your scalp is not properly assessed, or if the hair transplant was not stable, you could permanently shed more hair after surgery.” Sean Behnam M.D.

Before you commit to any hair restoration, we strongly suggest attending Dr. Behnam’s free hair loss examination. Both Dr. Ben Behnam (Board Certified Dermatologist for non surgical examination) and Dr. Sean Behnam will perform a thorough hair loss exam.

If you need biopsy, Dr. Ben can perform a complete biopsy right away and most insurance will cover. Many patients do not need surgery and there are advanced treatments that Dr. Ben can prescribe. If hair transplant is the only option left, Dr. Sean Behnam will perform an extensive examination of the back of the scalp for quality hair that can be transplanted successfully.

Dr. Sean Behnam is an expert in hair transplant. He has dedicated all his career to the highest quality hair restoration which is also affordable. Automation, advanced tools and modern equipment have been instrumental in creating hair transplant methods that are within his patients’ means.


Hair Loss Examination

There are many aspects that make what we offer more than just a consultation – it is a hair loss examination. In our practice, you will always meet with both Dr. Ben Behnam and Dr. Sean Behnam and they will personally examine your hair loss and answer all of your questions.

  • Have a full hair examination done.
  • Get the tough questions answered.
  • Are you really a good candidate?
  • Do you have realistic expectations to get good results?
  • Do you have quality hair in your donor area?
  • For costing, how many grafts you might need (on average, each hair graft has 2 to 3 individual hairs.)

What are the four stages of hair transplant examination?

Dr. Behnam conducts one of the most comprehensive hair examination consisting of:

1. Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Education
2. Microscopic Hair Analysis
3. Hair Density Calculation
4. Hair Mapping for accurate costing

What is hair loss and hair transplant education?

What is Microscopic Hair Analysis?

What is Hair Density Calculation?

The Densitometer

What is Hair Mapping?

Hair Mapping Grid


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Privacy Policy

Recent Graduates

Dr. Behnam receives many calls from fresh graduating physicians who aspire to become hair transplant surgeons. Please use form above to contact Dr. Behnam directly.

Travel Assistance

Dr. Behnam offers travel assistance to those who reside outside California. We will be happy to make this a fun vacation. We like to help with your hotel room, visiting local attractions such as Universal Studio and Hollywood Tour. Dr. Sean also offers 200 Dollars travel allowance to help with the cost of your travel.

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