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Surgical Hair Restoration After Care

Can the donor site be concealed after Follicular Unit procedure?

If you have long hair in the back of the scalp, you can easily conceal that area. This is ideal for women who like to have a Follicular Unit extraction performed. The pictures below demonstrate how easily the donor area can be covered and it would be unnoticeable.

What is the healing progression of the donor area with the follicular unit extraction?

The donor area heals very quickly. For 90% of patients, by the 10th day after the procedure, the donor area is covered up by hair and others cant notice extractions were performed in that area.

What is the Dr. Behnam’s squeeze technique?

The Behnam squeeze technique is a method of squeezing the back of his scalp, which reduces ingrown hair in the donor area after the extraction. Developed by Dr. Behnam, this is very successful method in reducing ingrown hairs.


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