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Hair Replacement Technique & Tools

Technique & Tools

What instrument is used to perform a Follicular Unit Extraction?
NeoGraft automated process is used to extract each graft. This takes a lot of patience and practice. Dr. Behnam has been performing this since 2008. He can now extract about 600 grafts on an hourly basis.


Can Acell help get better results with a Follicular Unit Extraction procedure?
Acell is FDA approved for wound healing. When applied to the donor area with the individual grafts extracted, it makes the scars even smaller. We regularly use ACell with extraction procedures to minimize the scarring.


Above is a picture of the donor area one year after the FUE procedure. The area is shaved to demonstrate the level of scarring. As demonstrated, there is minimal scarring.

What kind of anesthesia is used with the follicular extraction method?
Local anesthesia is used, like what your dentist uses. You will be surprised how little of local anesthesia is utilized to numb the area.

How does Dr. Behnam’s extraction technique achieve optimal results.
Dr. Behnam creates the recipient sites first. Then Dr. Behnam begins extracting each individual graft e and places them in every 2 hours, as appose to extracting all the follicles needed and then placing them. We feel that this shorter out of body time helps achieve better results.

Why would shorter out of body time make a difference?
Because it reduces the exposure to external stressors such as air, heat, lack of blood flow and lack of oxygen to the grafts. We have noted on numerous occasions that the transplant grafts do not go through a shock phase. A shock phase is a phase where the hairs temporarily shed and then re-grow after 3 months. Although this shock phase is completely normal and natural part of the hair surgery process, we feel the fact that we re-insert the grafts back into the body as soon as possible decreases the shock phase.

Is there a limit on how many grafts can be extracted in a single day.
Yes, Dr. Behnam tries to extract between to 1000 to 1300 grafts in a single day. He can extract 200 to 300 grafts an hour. If somebody needs 2000 graft procedure, then two days of extractions are needed to complete the case.


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