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Hair Transplant Los Angeles

The Art Of Hair Transplant Repair ($1490 for Scar Revisions)

Dr. Sean has gained expertise in correcting the appearance of many poorly performed hair transplants resulting from poor techniques, wrong, or outdated methods. Bad hair transplant techniques result in pluggy, or unnatural looking hairlines. Unfortunately for many who had bad hair transplants, the results were psychologically disastrous. The sad emotional aftermath of a bad hair transplant could be even worse than feeling of balding.

Dr. Sean Behnam has been a major contributor to new methods, including using ACELL, for correcting the problems caused by outdated hair transplant procedures. The outdated procedures created many cosmetic problems. Unnatural hair lines, pluggy looking, poor hair direction, and inconsistent hair growths were most common. Dr. Behnam has introduced many innovative methods that help with redesigning and restoring of the bad hair transplant techniques. Procedures such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and in some cases Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are able to address some of these issues. Dr. Sean uses different techniques to resolve each problem to mimic exactly the way hair grows naturally.

Thanks to Dr. Behnam’s advanced surgical methods, the number of candidates who are benefiting or have benefited from correct hair transplant repair methods will continue to grow as more people become aware that the older procedures can actually be corrected. Dr. Behnam has not only mastered both the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) but also contributed to these techniques. These new techniques allow the most naturally looking hair growth and hair lines. Both FUE and FUT techniques, however, require substantial skills and profound knowledge and are only performed well by limited number of physicians.

Hair transplant Los Angeles

Patient with a prior hair transplant that looked “pluggy” and unnatural. After 1,800 grafts placed strategically around the grafts to make it look natural.

What is scar revision?

Why would somebody need scar revision?

If the old scar has to be re-incised, how does this process reduce the appearance of the new scar to make it look it smaller, thinner, and less visible?

How is scar revision performed?

How often does Dr. Behnam do scar revision?

How often has Dr. Behnam had to revise his own scar?

Los Angeles Hair transplant

Before and after correction of pluggy un-natural hairline.

What is the importance of ACELL in scar revision?

What is trichophytic closure and its importance scar revision?

What is double-layer closure and its importance in scar revision?

Will the scar be completely gone after scar revision?

Instead of removing a scar, can a graft be placed into the scar?

How is scar camouflage different than scar revision?

What is the cost of scar revision?

What if some hairs are also removed along with the scar, what will happen those hairs? Will I have to pay for them to placed?

Four Phases of Healing
Typically, absent the use of ACELL Extracellular Matrix Technology, there are four phases to the process of healing a wound:

  • The Inflammatory Phase involves bleeding, narrowing of blood vessels, clot formation, and release of chemical substances that will begin healing.
  • Next is the Proliferative Phase in which a matrix or latticework of cells begins to form scar tissue.
  • The Remodeling Phase begins after 2-3 weeks when the matrix becomes more organized, strengthening the scar tissue.
  • The Epithelialization Phase is the process of laying down new skin covering the scar tissue.

Efforts to improve wound care treatment have focused on developing anti-inflammatory drugs and improving surgical techniques, neither of which address the dis-figuration and loss of function associated with scarring.

ACELL IS A Revolutionary Breakthrough
Regenerative medicine represents a revolutionary breakthrough in wound healing. Extracellular Matrix (ECM) is the material which holds cells together in the bodies of all mammals. ECM is like an information super highway loaded with information telling cells to grow, divide, and differentiate.

The ACELL includes a combination of ECM, growth factors, and proteins which stimulate and guide the process of tissue regeneration. The body recognizes the ECM signals and recruits the appropriate cell factors which differentiate according to what they should be. The process is a recapitulation of developmental biology.


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