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Hair Transplant Procedure Los Angeles

Hair Transplant Procedure (click here for Eyebrow Transplant)

Hair transplant is more than just a medical procedure. It’s an artistic expression involving more than 2000 to 3000 hair grafts that must be placed in an artful form and fashion. The identification of naturally occurring tiny bundles of hair called hair grafts or “follicular units” has been fundamental to the advancement of surgical hair restoration.

Each follicular units or hair graft has 1- to 4-unit hair. Using current techniques, at the end of the hair transplant procedure, patients can leave with only a headband. Patients can shower and shampoo their hair the next day. There are many aspects to a successful hair transplant. A natural looking hair transplant involves planting hair grafts in a manner to present natural hair line and natural looking hair growth.

Hair Transplant Procedure Los Angeles

The following shows two hair follicles. The top follicle has 3 hairs in it and the bottom one has 2 hair in it.

The way Dr. Behnam creates the recipient sites determines much of the aesthetic look of the transplant. He carefully sets the angle at which the new hair grows and determines the distribution and density of the grafts. This is a critical aspect of hair transplant surgery that requires considerable experience and surgical skill and a keen aesthetic sense.Dr. Behnam has created the most in his center. Our free hair transplant consultation page also gives you ample information about the procedure and what to expect.

 Hair transplant procedure Los Angeles


The images above show a mastery in the art of refinement, blending, balance, proportion, and shading. Dr. Sean has pioneered many major advancements in the field of hair restoration and transplantation in regards to natural variation in color, texture, and direction.

Dr. Sean dedicates more than 8 hours or a full day to each surgery. These are outpatient surgeries that do not require general anesthesia. A local anesthetic is sufficient. Patients are provided lunch and a relaxing atmosphere. The room is also equipped with TV so you can bring your own CD or DVD to watch a movie. The equipments are state-of-the -art and the building is rated Class A medical building.

During the surgery hair is harvested from the back of the scalp where you have plenty of hair to lend to the balding spots. Dr. Sean performs both strip harvesting and/or follicular unit extraction or also known as FUE.

In strip harvesting a strip of tissue with significant amount of hair is removed from the back of scalp. This removal will not be noticeable (see picture below). Dr. Sean has also pioneered an innovative method where there will be minimal scaring and with slight hair growth  within the scar so the scar will be minimized.  In FUE procedure, individual grafts are harvested one at a time from the back of the scalp and then planted in balding areas. This new innovative technique requires many years of experience and Dr. Sean is among few doctors in California to have mastered this operation. After the FUE operation, the donor area heals within just few days. Since hairs are individually removed, this leaves very minimal scarring so one can have a very short haircut and it will not still be visible.


Los Angeles Hair Transplant Procedure

Back of scalp 2 days after strip hair transplant procedure. Its not even obvious that a procedure was performed. The hair is covering the sutures. So, one can go to work without feeling uncomfortable about the back of the scalp.

Using Acell To Minimize Scaring
Acell is a protein scaffold that is derived from pig bladder. It contains growth factors and it promotes wound healing. Overall, studies have indicated that it reduces scarring. At the ISHRS (International Society of Hair restoration) meeting, it was demonstrated that the use of Acell in FUE decreases the size of punch scar from 1 millimeter to 0.6milimeter, meaning that once the site of the punch heals, the scar is much smaller than the punch size itself.

This can be demonstrated by the video below, where we performed FUEusing 1 millimeter punches and we asked our patient to come back one year later. We shaved the area that the FUEs were done. Please look at the result. It is very difficult to decipher that many punches were made in that area.Another study has demonstrated that 54% of grafts removed via FUE would regenerate in the donor area. This does not mean cloning. But, it probably indicates that if part of a graft is not fully removed using the punch, Acell may help it regenerate.Again, Acell does not do magic, but its use in FUE hair transplant and FUT (Strip Method) promotes minimal scarring and even some regeneration of some hair follicles in the donor area.

All the artistic procedure of hair removal and hair site creation, which involves correct planting angels, direction and orientation is solely performed by Dr. Sean himself. Quality technicians are used to create individual hair grafts from the strip. Dr. Behnam has mastered a unique technique where the exact angle and direction of each graft is optimized for the maximum redistribution of transplanted hair to achieve an aesthetic and artistic hair density.  The new transplanted hairs experience a healing period and grow the same way as your normal hairs grow. They start growing 3 to 4 months after the procedure.

To initiate a faster healing process, Dr. Sean allows for an additional thirty minutes of laser light therapy session after the surgery.  Nine more sessions of laser light therapy are needed during the regrowth to stimulate the hair to grow quicker and thicker. No bandage is necessary after the surgery.  Dr. Sean’s staff offer all guides including how to wash and care for the new hair.

We said Dr. Sean is among few surgeons who perform hair transplant in California, however, people from all over United States fly to Los Angeles to consult with Dr. Sean. Recently Dr. Sean operated on a patient from Massachusetts and a patient from Michigan. Dr. Sean Behnam’s artistic mastery has won him world wide reputation as a true pioneer and teacher. His artistic gift and talent combined with scientific surgical skills is well known beyond Los Angeles. In the field of FUE, there are only a handful of Doctors who can perform this sensitive procedure correctly and Dr. Behnam is one of them.

Dr. Behnam has also created innovative solution for the areas of eyebrows, moustaches, beards, eyelashes, and sideburns. Perhaps Dr. Behnam’s most important contribution is the fact that he has made hair transplant affordable.

Here are more examples of Before and After images:


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